About us

About us:

Wishpiks.com is a website that offers high definition images with text.
Wishpiks is rightly wishes in the form of pictures.

Why are these needed?

A picture is worth a thousand words-well said.
And when it comes to conveying a short message effectively, a picture with a text is the perfect way.
Wishpiks.com is the one stop destination for sharing pictures with a message.
Just imagine when you were sorry and could not do much. And you got hold of a picture saying sorry and shared it.

Remember the joy? The joy when you got the reply?

Someone may not have had this type of experience. But again, he may have the experience.
Technology has progressed like hell and we should make use of the same in order to lead a better life.
Wishpiks believes in technology. It uses the same towards sophisticated, new or better communciation.
Wishpiks has these categories of pictures.
1. Radiance
2. Robo
3. Reverse
4. Negative
5. Black and White
7. Appreciants
8. Backgrounds